Divorce and Family Law

If you are considering divorce, separation, child custody, child visitation, child support, guardianship or other family law matters the first thing to do is to educate yourself about the Virginia rules and laws on the subject. Just because your spouse tells you that something will or will not happen does not mean it is true. When you have a first visit to the law offices of Jeff Silverstein he will listen carefully and patiently to your situation. Next he will explain in clear and understandable fashion exactly what the Virginia law has to say about the situation. Once you understand the rules you will together discuss your options and begin to formulate a plan for moving forward. Jeff’s outlook is to find practical answers to real problems NOT to immediately fight and create more conflict. Costly litigation should be the last resort.

What to bring to a first meeting if you can easily find them:
Copies of recent US tax returns
Copies of recent pay stubs
Copies of mortgage payment stubs or statements
Copy of the Deed to property you may own
Any Court documentsyou have received or have from earlier Court proceedings

If you have questions about divorce law or any of our other legal services, please contact us.  Thank you for visiting us at Jeffrey N. Silverstein & Associates.